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TWT_Zombies update - Zombies5
[ Download from this server (8.65Mb) ] 07-Feb-2012, 2:06 AM
Zombies5 - TWT_Zombies rewrite by Mr.Loathsome

Note, no models, textures or animations were changed.
(3 crude new animations were defined using the existing data however)

Only changes made were to the UScript involved. (Lots of changes)

Zombies5 change list:

Mutator changes:

1. Added ZombieHealth option in the ini file.
2. Tweak to fix issues if extra zombies being summoned or added to the game via mutator.
3. Major improvements to the speed that the mutator adds the zombies to the map.
4. Debug mode now logs/broadcasts both the number of zombies needed, and the total currently on the map.

ZombiePawn changes:

1. In previous versions, the zombies spawned out of thin air and dropped into the map.
They now spawn lying prone on the ground looking just like corpses or carcasses.
After a few seconds, they will get up individually, and then either wander about, or join
the nearest horde if a victim is in sight.

2. Occasionally, about 8% of the time, a zombie that has been killed, but not gibbed, will get
back up and come after you.

3. Changed the damage done by the zombies so that it adapts automatically to whatever health value
the victim might have. It negates any crazy high health values monsters might have, and adjusts
for players who might have a Health Regen Relic or HealthRegenerator mutator running.
Should have approx the same effect and damage as previous versions with player health at 100.

4. Added monster support. The zombies will still not go after monsters on sight. However, if they
get bumped or damaged by one, they will go after it.

5. Improved enemy detection.
In the original TWT_Zombies source, I could see they had tried to integrate a "Horde AI" into the
TWT_ZombiePawn source, but it wasnt quite working right.
i.e. if 2 possible victims were in the same general area, they would try to get to the closest one.
This is now working the way I think it should. Sometimes, they wont notice, but other times they do...


Drop files Zombies5.ini, & Zombies5.u into your UT/System directory.

Add the mutator to your games as usual for Zombies.

# of Zombies and other options can be configured via Options/Advanced Options/Mutators/Zombies.

Variable you can set for the mutator in the Zombies5.ini file are:

NZombiesCount=60 // Number of Zombies the mutator will attempt to keep on the map
NHordeSize=6 // Zombies are spawned in groups. This is the group size it will try for
ZombieHealth=100 // Default Zombie Health value. (*Zombies summoned or added by other mutators will not use this value and have 100 health by default.)
CheckRate=20 // How often in seconds the mutator will attempt to check if more zombies need to spawn
bDebug=False // Lots of debug info in the log if True.
bScoreDeathByZombie=True // If True, deaths by zombies will count in gametypes where that is tracked
bScoreZombieKills=False // If True, scores a point if you kill a Zombie
bNegScoring=False // If True, deducts a point if you kill a Zombie
// Only checked if bScoreZombieKills=False. Use if Zombie deaths are scoring points and you dont want them to

Usage of the mutator is optional.

You may also add the Zombies to your games via the Summon command or mutators such as MonsterSpawn or The Dropper.

These are Zombie classes:



1st, credits to the TWT guys down south. Attempts by both me and GoPostal
to contact them regarding this were unsucessful.

ABOUT TWT (Wrote the origninal beta version of this TWT_Zombies thing...)
Third World Tech is:

Mariano Trod: Idea, concepts, testing and 1 half painted texture!

Cristian Scandalo: Zombie in suit model, webcam mocap actor!

Ale Palmero: Coding, modeling and animation, webpage

11/14/2002 Ale Palmero -


Also thanks to GoPostal, who made various adjustments that were needed to the
mutator. (Ripped out the excessive spammy log file entries, got rid of the
wierd changes to lighting and client Mouse Sensitivity. (wtf!)
He also added the additional zombie textures.

Last minute credits to Delacroix for the suggestions that led to the new spawning
method and also having an occasional zombie corpse rise back from the dead after
having been killed.
Category: UT | Added by: MrLoathsome | Tags: Zombies, mutator, UT
Views: 4118 | Downloads: 371 | Comments: 12 | Rating: 0.0/0 |
Total comments: 12
Check the Forum thread for a new example ini file.

Hey ^^

I read you may be update.
Can you add SightRadius setting  fixed at value 8200.00 or make it adjustable with a new line in the ini ?

The default sightradius for the zombies is set at 8200, but if you use the SwarmSpawner
mutator instead of the mutator included in the Zombies5 package, I think you can
adjust that.  (Haven't testing adjusting that specific setting yet,....)

Oh ok biggrin

and on change map , change gametype and returne to , restart server . this setting stay ?


No, that setting would not be persistent when the
map changes.

However, there will soon be another way available
to spawn the Zombies5 zombies into your map, and
it will enable you to adjust that value to whatever
you want. It will be set at the start of each map.

It works very goods on small maps
it is only on the maps we are camping or not at all worried by the zombies.

if you want a look that is being prepared unreal://


Try this command and see if it makes any difference:
set Zombies5.TWT_ZombiePawn SightRadius 20000

Try it with 40000 if 20000 is not far enough.

You mean I have to replace Zombies5.Zombies with Zombies5.TWT_ZombiePawn SightRadius 40000 ?

Or add a new line in Zombies5.ini ?

Neither of the above.

That would be a SET command you can enter in the
console window or the Tab command prompt.

No way to modify that value via ini.

I use it on big camping maps.

They come to us only if we hurts them.
Is it possible that they come away without a shot?

Hordes do not appear near us.
Is it possible to use it as an obstacle to camp?
One or more zombie could appear near players?

Hello Medor,

The Zombies should try to head in your direction,
but only if they can see you. If you are hiding
well, they won't detect you, and will just wander.

I did give them a fairly high value for
the SightRadius setting. (8200.00)

The zombiespawner code in the mutator does attempt
to spawn the zombies out of sight, so it can take
them a while to get to the players on very large

Have you tried on other maps?

Hooray hooray, it's a zombie day

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by: MrLoathsome on 17-Nov-2017

by: medor on 11-May-2017

by: kellykevin450 on 22-Nov-2016

by: kellykevin450 on 22-Nov-2016

by: kellykevin450 on 22-Nov-2016

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MrLoathsome on 14-Dec-2015:
This is now depreciated.

Use the FrickinShark_RC4 instead.

MrLoathsome on 26-Oct-2015:
Note.  This will not work with U1.
I compiled it with Botpack as an edit package.  DERP!!!!

RC2, will work with U1 and UT.
It will most likely also fix the errors inherited from the Fly code that
occasionally cause the warnings in the log. (State TacticalMove.  Function PickDestination craps....)

MrLoathsome on 05-Oct-2015:
Check the Forum thread for a new example ini file.

MrLoathsome on 24-Sep-2015:
The default sightradius for the zombies is set at 8200, but if you use the SwarmSpawner
mutator instead of the mutator included in the Zombies5 package, I think you can
adjust that.  (Haven't testing adjusting that specific setting yet,....)

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