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The BotOrders Mutator
[ Download from this server (3.8Kb) ] 27-Apr-2010, 10:37 PM
Install: Drop BotOrders.u and into your UT/System folder.

This mutator will make the bots a bit less stupid at startup.
Particularly in Team Games.

Default bot orders are flawed for CTF and Assault. Bots that are following
players or other bots turn around when their leader dies even if they are
almost at the Flag or Assault target. Bots set at Freelancing for these
game types just seem extra stupid. It is annoying to have to order the bots
to defend or attack every level change, and most of the people I see on my
servers don't even bother.

This mutator will set Bots as follows seconds after the start of the game:

For DM all bots get set for Freelancing.
For Assault all Attackers on attack, all Defenders defending.
For all other team games, there is a random 50% chance of a bot either
attacking or defending. Depending upon the game type, defenders may default
to freelancing. In Team DM, it doesnt seem to matter much, they do their thing
ok regardless, so I did not code specific settings for that gametype.

In gametypes such as Domination, bot orders will change in-game as dictated by
the mod, but there will be no leaders or followers.
(Unless you give the bots orders to do so...)

Note you can still order the bots to do whatever you wish in-game. Just wait
a few seconds after level starts until the BotOrders mutator has updated
all the bot orders. Press F1 right at the start of the match and you can
see the orders for the bots on your team change shortly after they get added.

For dedicated servers, just add "BotOrders.BotOrders" to your mutators= section
of your server line. Runs server side only so no need to add to ServerPackages
section of the ini.

Source code included in the Classes folder so if you want to tweak this further
for other gametypes have at it.

Enjoy !


Category: UT | Added by: MrLoathsome
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by: MrLoathsome on 17-Nov-2017

by: medor on 11-May-2017

by: kellykevin450 on 22-Nov-2016

by: kellykevin450 on 22-Nov-2016

by: kellykevin450 on 22-Nov-2016

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MrLoathsome on 14-Dec-2015:
This is now depreciated.

Use the FrickinShark_RC4 instead.

MrLoathsome on 26-Oct-2015:
Note.  This will not work with U1.
I compiled it with Botpack as an edit package.  DERP!!!!

RC2, will work with U1 and UT.
It will most likely also fix the errors inherited from the Fly code that
occasionally cause the warnings in the log. (State TacticalMove.  Function PickDestination craps....)

MrLoathsome on 05-Oct-2015:
Check the Forum thread for a new example ini file.

MrLoathsome on 24-Sep-2015:
The default sightradius for the zombies is set at 8200, but if you use the SwarmSpawner
mutator instead of the mutator included in the Zombies5 package, I think you can
adjust that.  (Haven't testing adjusting that specific setting yet,....)

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Core on 13-Dec-2011:
Lol, HellZombies in EXU. The skaarj won't be happy angry


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Core on 31-Dec-2009:
IP and Port updated for the ECoop / AKcoop Server.
Server Stats have been reset.

Core on 31-Dec-2009:


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