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MoreGore_LGE - Ludicrous Gibs Edition.
[ Download from this server (10.2Kb) ] 05-Aug-2011, 9:17 PM
MoreGore_LGE - Ludicrous Gibs Edition. by Mr.Loathsome.

LGE Update: Removed the DigDug mode and its associated overhead.
Mutator now scales the gib chunks based on the drawscale
of the pawn that is being gibbed.


This mutator allows you to increase the amount of gore generated when gibbing
another player or monster, creating very messy and in someways, artistic deaths.

Also adds a few timer variables and a rewrite of the core gib
spawing code in the mutator to attempt to remove the lag the original version had
at any but the lowest settings.

Also implements support for greenblood on the blood spray.


Just install into your System directory. For servers, no need to add as a serverpackage.

Run the mutator once, then you should find its config section in your UT.ini file.

To change the gore level, select Mod/MoreGore Setup from the UT Menu, and use the slider to set the
goreLevel to a value between 1-40. It set to 1 by default (1 being 2x the gore).
Suggest settings between 1 and 10.

SpawnRate slider controls how quickly the mutator will attempt to spawn the gibs on player or monsters
death. Higher value = longer delay before next death spawns gibs.

GibRate controls how fast the mutator will spawn goreLevel # of gibbed carcasses.
Best range seems to be 0.25 - 0.50. Higher will produce a noticible pulse in the gib spawns.
(Which may or may not be bad....)

For servers, set the goreLevel a bit lower, and the rates a bit higher than you would for offline play.

Have fun !

Category: UT | Added by: MrLoathsome
Views: 1201 | Downloads: 272 | Rating: 1.0/1 |
Total comments: 0
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by: MrLoathsome on 17-Nov-2017

by: medor on 11-May-2017

by: kellykevin450 on 22-Nov-2016

by: kellykevin450 on 22-Nov-2016

by: kellykevin450 on 22-Nov-2016

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MrLoathsome on 14-Dec-2015:
This is now depreciated.

Use the FrickinShark_RC4 instead.

MrLoathsome on 26-Oct-2015:
Note.  This will not work with U1.
I compiled it with Botpack as an edit package.  DERP!!!!

RC2, will work with U1 and UT.
It will most likely also fix the errors inherited from the Fly code that
occasionally cause the warnings in the log. (State TacticalMove.  Function PickDestination craps....)

MrLoathsome on 05-Oct-2015:
Check the Forum thread for a new example ini file.

MrLoathsome on 24-Sep-2015:
The default sightradius for the zombies is set at 8200, but if you use the SwarmSpawner
mutator instead of the mutator included in the Zombies5 package, I think you can
adjust that.  (Haven't testing adjusting that specific setting yet,....)

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Core on 13-Dec-2011:
Lol, HellZombies in EXU. The skaarj won't be happy angry


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Core on 31-Dec-2009:
IP and Port updated for the ECoop / AKcoop Server.
Server Stats have been reset.

Core on 31-Dec-2009:


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