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Loathsomes's SwarmSpawner v2.0 - Final (NOT)
[ Download from this server (97.7Kb) ] 08-Apr-2012, 5:28 PM | edited on ,
SwarmSpawner by Mr.Loathsome.

*Update v2.0 Final(NOT) - 7/16/16

*Update v1.3 - 5/11/2012

Some bug fixes.
Another improvement to the way this selects its spawnpoints.
Added code to put the mutator to sleep if no players are connected to the server.

*Update v1.2 - Bug fixes and some code optimizations. 1 new example ini file.

Inspired by some of the code in the TWT_Zombies mutator that
controlled the spawning of the zombie hordes.

I liked the way it built its list of spawnpoints, the way it tries
to spawn the creatures out of sight of the player if possible, and
the way it would maintain the desired number of creatures in the map
as they were killed.

While I was doing the Zombies5 rewrite, I suspected that the code involved
in the actual spawning of the swarms could be optimized considerably, but didn't
get around to trying any changes to those functions during that project.

I also wanted to see if I could adapt that to spawn swarms
of any class of pawn.

This is the result.



Copy SwarmSpawn.u, and SwarmSpawn.ini into your UnrealTournament/System folder.
*Default ini included will only spawn a lot of SkaarjWarriors. You need to edit the ini to make
this do what you want.
*EDIT. Recommend you edit the ini file and change the SDS value for the 1st few swarms if you
are going to use this on small maps.
v1.1 crashes if it can't locate any spot on the map for oversized pawns it seems.
This will be corrected in next update.

For servers, same. SwarmSpawn does not need to be a serverpackage.
*If you have it spawning pawn classes that are not default UT classes, those will need to be in the
ServerPackages section of your ini.

Basic usage features:

Spawns up to 64 different swarms.

Optionally change the size of the pawns in the swarm.

Advanced usage features:

Optionally adjust up to 16 settings for each swarm.

Able to adjust class default settings for each swarm
prior to spawn, and then restore the original default value.

Able to adjust any pawn class default settings.


Basic use:

Configuration for this is via editing the SwarmSpawn.ini file.

Recommend editing your files with other names such as the ones in
the example ini files provided, and copying/renaming the one
you currently wish to use to SwarmSpawn.ini

Config variables and their default values:



CheckRate is how often the mutator will check to see if any pawns need
to be spawned, and spawn them as needed. 1 swarm will be checked each
CheckRate, so the best value will depend upon how many swarms you have defined,
how fast they are getting killed etc.

Recommend starting at default value, and adjusting up or down as required for your current needs.
Keeping this value as high as possible will help with performance if you are running
lots of other mutators with it. No checks made on the value. Recommended range = 2 - 60.

Note, if the mutator checks all the swarms you have defined, and none of them need anything
spawned, it will automatically throttle back the checks to CheckRate * 4.
Soon as it detects any swarm needs a pawn spawned, it will return to the default CheckRate, or the rate
you have set in the ini file.

If nothing spawns except 12 double-sized NaliCows, your ini file is either missing or the first class you
have in SwarmInfo[0] is invalid.


If true, the mutator will log considerable info in the UnrealTournament.log file.
Recommend leaving at default value of False unless you are testing or chasing a problem with
a setting that is not functioning the way you want.


If True, mutator will attempt to spawn all the defined swarms into the map as soon as the
map is loaded.
If False, mutator will spawn each swarm 1 at a time at the current CheckRate.


Each SwarmInfo line needs at least 2 values set:

SwarmClass: The class name of the pawn you want to spawn. Needs to be enclosed in quotes.
Qty: How many to spawn in this swarm. No quotes needed.

These values, and any optional ones, must be enclosed in parentheses.

You can have up to 64 SwarmInfo lines in the config file.
Note: Each of them MUST be 1 line with no breaks. Recommend setting WordWrap OFF in your favorite
editor when working with these ini files.


Don't be alarmed, the SwarmSpawn.ini file need only be as complex as you make it.

I attempted to make the configuration as simple and user friendly as possible.

Everything is basically optional. (Other that specifying at least 1 valid class...)

If the mutator encounters a bad class in the ini file, it will stop loading it at that
point. It will however run with anything it was able to load from the ini file prior
to the error.



Here is a bare minimum example that will spawn 1 pawn into your game: (A Titan in this case)


Default values for CheckRate, bDebugMode and bSpawnAtStart will be used since they are absent from
the ini file.

This example, will spawn 1 double sized Titan. There will be a 4 second delay before it spawns.

File SwarmSpawn_1Titan.ini


This example includes use of the optional SDS variable. (SwarmDrawScale)

You can use this to change the size of the pawns in each swarm.

2.0 in the above example = 2x size. 0.5 would spawn pawns of 1/2 default size.

This example demonstrates use of the SDS variable to spawn 16 swarms of SkaarjWarriors
in various quantities and sizes. (This is also the default SwarmSpawn.ini file included...)

File SwarmSpawn_Skaarj01.ini


*Included example file SwarmSpawn_Skaarj02.ini is basically the same as the above
except with much larger numbers in each swarm. (And the 3 largest swarms have green blood....)
It also has bSpawnAtStart set to False as I was using it to test if there was any spawn lag.

This example shows how to spawn some TWT_Zombies into your game. (72 of them)
This of course requires the Zombies5 package is available.

File SwarmSpawn.Zombies5.ini



Advanced use:

SDS variable:

Some additional notes on this setting.

I decided right from the start to handle processing for DrawScale differently
than the other optional settings.

Discovered while testing and writing this that even more values should be scaled
in conjunction with DrawScale for things to work right. More than I was adjusting for
re-sized pawns with the Dropper mutator or the Random Monster Sizer mutator.

For example, if you are spawning giant Zombie5 pawns with the Dropper, or adjusting their size with the
Random Monster Sizer, it breaks their attack as neither of those scales the MeleeRange variable.

This mutator fixes that.

Here is a list of all the other default Pawn variables that will also be adjusted in addition to DrawScale
when the SDS variable is present for a swarm:


CollisionRadius & CollisionHeight also get adjusted via a call to the SetCollisionSize() function.

If the pawn happens to be a ScriptedPawn and has a shadow, the DrawScale for the shadow is also adjusted.

You can override any of these changes via the optional settings for each swarm if needed.

Note, some of these values might be over-ridden by other mutators, or the pawn code itself.
For example, the unreali.bird1 class and classes that extend it (NewBirds_Beta1...) have code
that resets the AirSpeed variable back to default. Possible ways around that explained a bit
later in this document.


For each Swarm, you can optionally specify up to 16 settings for most any variable the pawn has
that can be changed either via direct assignment to each spawned pawn or to the pawn class before
the swarm is spawned.

Examine this example:


It will spawn 2 double sized Titans, 40 mini-brutes, and the mini-brutes will have green blood.

SSet0 is the 1st of the 16 optional settings you can have for each swarm. Note it also needs to have its unique variables
enclosed in parentheses. Both the setting name, (SName), and setting value, (SVal), need to be
in quotes regardless of the data type.

You can have up to 16 of these in each SwarmInfo[n] line. i.e. ,SSet0(),SSet1(),....,SSet15())<-- Closing right parentheses for the SwarmInfo line.

Here is another example using the Zombies5 pawns.
In this case, all the zombies have green blood, and the female zombies are giants.
bDebugMode is enabled for this example.

File SwarmSpawn_Zombies5_BigWomen.ini


This next example requires that you have the NewBirds_Beta1 package installed.

It spawns 3 swarms of the Bird3 class that will attack players and bots, and 3 of the Bird2 class
that just fly around. In various sizes and colors. Also adjusts the CircleRadius and bCircling variables
for the 2 of the swarms.

This example introduces the bPS variable. (bPreSpawn - boolean)

You should set this True in cases where the value has to be set in the class before the
pawn is actually spawned. The mutator does restore the original class default value after
the swarm has been spawned.

File SwarmSpawn_NewBirds_Beta1.ini


Global settings adjustment example.

This is the same as the previous example, except it has bDebugMode True and contains
an extra line that adjusts the default AirSpeed variable for the NewBirds_Beta1.Bird2 class globally. (SwarmInfo[4])
Note that line has both Qty=0, and bPS=True. Both of those must be set for a global change to take effect.
No pawn is spawned in this case.

Since the Bird pawn source contains code that resets the pawns AirSpeed based on the default class value, this is the
only way to make that happen. (That I could find....)

File SwarmSpawn_NewBirds_SpeedAdjEx.ini


If you need to have settings of this nature adjusted, but don't want to globally adjust the value for all pawns of that class, you
are at the point where you need to copy, rename and re-compile the class, and your problem will be solved. (I think...)

Then you can just place your new setting in the defaults of your new class, and still have the option to adjust it or other settings
via this mutator without disturbing the settings for the original class you started with.


Recommend trying settings with bPS=False at first. (or just absent from the line. bPS.default = false)

If that doesn't work, or you know it is a setting that needs to be set before the pawn spawns, then try with bPS=True.

Only use the global class setting option as a last resort, or in cases where you are intending to change that value
globally for all pawns of that class.


I think that is it for version 1.0 of this.

More testing is needed, but I dont know if anybody has time to test all the possible configurations.
I have been doing a crazy amount of tests during development, but have only scratched the surface.

This is not intended as a replacement for either the Dropper mutator or MonsterSpawn.
It spawns in a different way than either of them, and has different optional settings.

It should be able to run at the same time with either or both of them, in any configuration you
can come up with.


RE: The Source Code.

Source code is included in the Classes folder for informational purposes only.

I request that nobody change or redistribute this in any form other than this original zip file.

2 main reasons.

1. Still have some ideas for the next version if there is any interest in this.
2. It breaks easily. Bad things could happen. (The horror.......)

Last note. The testing with this has pretty much all been with various ScriptedPawns and FlockPawns.

(Ran some Blob swarm tests. Spider Physics are cool. Blobs climbing up the walls. They are still
basically unusable in real games, so those ini files were not included. Blob & BlobParent need a rewrite...)

Did a couple of tests with it spawning class BotPack.TMale1Bot, with ugly results. Very mean, skinless
bots show up and they spam the log file with a lot of warnings and errors.

Recommend against using this with bot classes, unless of course you can figure out settings to specify that
will make them work correctly with this.

Enjoy !
Category: UT | Added by: MrLoathsome | Tags: Pawn, horde, mutator, UT, Monster, Swarm, spawn
Views: 2105 | Downloads: 261 | Comments: 15 | Rating: 0.0/0 |
Total comments: 13
Sorry for coming back after such a long time, but i think have realized what is the problem. The dropper doesn't work correctly with pawns spawned by swarmspawner when the SwarmDrawScale parameter is used (the rescaled pawns don't drop any items).

Sorry for replying after such a long time...

Only suggestion at this point would be to change the order in which you have the mutators

Could be the re-sized pawns drawscale is somehow messing with the spawning of the dropped
item.   An invalid collision detection or something like that.

If trying to reverse the load order does not work, you might try adjusting the drawscale you
have selected some, and see if things start working at some point.

Your monsters size might be either too large or too small for the dropper to function.

Thanks MrLoathsome,
It doesn't seem to work for me, I guess I must be doing something wrong, I'll try to figure it out.

If you could post the ini files for SwarmSpawner and Dropper we could take a look
at them.

is it possible to make the pawns spawned with swarmspawner drom items when they die with the dropper mutator?

It should be.   I think I tested that at some point....

When I get back to working on the next update for SwarmSpawner, I will test that out.

It's the map .
It work fine with CTF-Thorns.unr

Monsters not fight with bots.

Next update will work with that map fine. Hopefully
all others also.

Re: Monsters fighting with bots.

The default ini file spawns just default Unreal
monsters, with default settings other than the size.

If you use the NewBirds example ini, those pawns
will fight with the bots, as it is built into
their AI. The bots will also fight back.

Haven't had time to actually test if you can
write an ini file with extra settings for the
swarms of default Unreal monsters that will make
them more likely to engage bots. You might...

Would be much easier to just run the latest version
of BadNews at the same time.
Answer: Lets move any further discussion on this into the forum

have a log with 1.1 (offline) and same with a fresh instal UT

ScriptLog: Base Mutator is CTF-2on2-Crates.DMMutator0
ScriptLog: Mutators SwarmSpawn.SS
ScriptLog: Add mutator SwarmSpawn.SS
ScriptLog: SwarmSpawn Init - Spawnpoint count: 14 Number Swarms: 16
ScriptLog: SwarmSpawn: Swarm # 0
Critical: appError called:
Critical: SS CTF-2on2-Crates.SS0 (Function SwarmSpawn.SS.SpawnPawn:0016) Runaway loop detected (over 10000000 iterations)
Critical: Windows GetLastError: Opération réussie. (0)
Exit: Executing UObject::StaticShutdownAfterError
Exit: Executing UWindowsClient::ShutdownAfterError
Exit: UGalaxyAudioSubsystem::ShutdownAfterError
Exit: UGlideRenderDevice::ShutdownAfterError
Critical: FFrame::Serialize
Critical: UObject::ProcessEvent
Critical: (SS CTF-2on2-Crates.SS0, Function SwarmSpawn.SS.PostBeginPlay)
Critical: ULevel::SpawnActor
Critical: (SS)
Critical: UObject::ProcessEvent
Critical: (CTFGame CTF-2on2-Crates.CTFGame0, Function Botpack.CTFGame.InitGame)
Critical: BeginPlay
Critical: UGameEngine::LoadMap
Critical: LocalMapURL
Critical: UGameEngine::Browse
Critical: ClientTravel
Critical: UGameEngine::Tick
Critical: UpdateWorld
Critical: MainLoop
Exit: Exiting.
Uninitialized: Name subsystem shut down
Uninitialized: Log file closed, 04/09/12 14:03:54

Is that the only map you have had trouble with?

I am suspecting the crash on that map is due to
the mutator only finding 14 spawnpoints, which
is less than the number of swarms.

I am going to try and add more spawnpoints to the
list for v1.2. That may correct that issue.


The issue is not the number of spawnpoints/swarms
on that map. The problem is caused by
the 5x sized Skaarj in swarminfo[0] in the
example SwarmSpawn.ini I included.

Will make an adjustment to v1.2 so that condition
wont crash the game.

Not sure if the 3x sized one spawns in that map
or not. 2x sized skaarj seem to work fine.

Try editing the ini file and reducing the SDS
value for the first swarm, and 2nd also if it
crashes with the 3x skaarj.

It seems v1.0 of this is not quite ready for server use.... angry >( angry >(

Pre-cache of the Swarm classes is failing, but only on some maps.

No idea why at this point. Will post v1.1 if I figure out why.
Answer: I have figured out why. v1.1 will be up shortly.

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RC2, will work with U1 and UT.
It will most likely also fix the errors inherited from the Fly code that
occasionally cause the warnings in the log. (State TacticalMove.  Function PickDestination craps....)

MrLoathsome on 05-Oct-2015:
Check the Forum thread for a new example ini file.

MrLoathsome on 24-Sep-2015:
The default sightradius for the zombies is set at 8200, but if you use the SwarmSpawner
mutator instead of the mutator included in the Zombies5 package, I think you can
adjust that.  (Haven't testing adjusting that specific setting yet,....)

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