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BadNews! - RC4
[ Download from this server (14.6Kb) ] 03-May-2012, 11:17 AM | edited on ,
Bad News! Mutator for UT
RC2 update - Added code to put the mutator into "sleep-mode" on dedicated
servers if no players are currently connected.

Version: 4.0 update by Mr.Loathsome.

Re-wrote almost the entire mutator this time.
It still uses only the default UnrealI monster classes.
Made a number of basic changes that should make it usable with almost
any game or gametype.

Basic function is the same as original version with the few changes noted
farther down in this readme file.

Changes for Version 4 include:

1. Improvments to the basic spawning function, and the code that re-sizes the monsters.

2. Removed the 5 skaarj that had guns. They would cause issues in a number of gametypes.

3. Added Nali to the list of things that might spawn from a hammerkill. *Suicide by Hammer will no longer spawn anything...

4. Made some changes that makes the monsters even more bad tempered than before.
When they spawn, they will look around for another monster, or a bot in the area.
About 50% of the time, they will find one and attack it. The victim will also decide to attack them back at the same time.
When a monster has killed something, they will look around again, for another victim. As before, they should attack them
about 50% of the time.

5. 3 new optional ini variables (see file BN4.ini).
Here they are with the default settings:

Set SpreeMult higher if you are using this in games where you might be killing multiple pawns at once.
i.e. if you are killing monsters 2x as fast as normal, set SpreeMult at 2.0
if you are killing dozens of monsters at a time, set it at 10.0, or 12.0, or 24.0
If warlords, queens and titans are spawning much too early in your games, turn it up.....

The original BadNews! mutator had the pawns health all set at 2x default.
You can adjust this here as needed. This value * default health will be used
when the mutator scales the Monsters size and other settings.

If false, the mutator will not spawn anything. Cows, Legless Krall and Nali will not explode.
Extra points will still be given for Warlord, Queen or Titan kills however.
The stuff in #4 and #6 in this list of changes will still happen for ALL monsters on the map, regardless of how they were added to the game.

6. Any time a monster is damaged by any other pawn, it will try to attack it, and will return to its original target in the event
that it wins the encounter. The pawn it attacks should return to its original target also in the even that it wins.
Note this will be in effect for ALL monsters on your maps regardless of how they got there.


Version: 3.0 update by Mr.Loathsome.
More performance optimizations.

Also the monsters spawned by this version of the mutator will have
random sizes. Range 50% to 2x of default size.


Version: 2.0
Created: 20/02/00
Author: Armando A. Barlaam (Major Disaster)

This mutator will evoke a Unreal I monster everytime a player on a killing spree is fragged.
Whoever frags the monster gets extra points.
Unreal is NOT required, all monsters come with the UT code.

New in this version
Improved spawning and fall-back algorithms, now monster appear in cramped places.
More monsters, now Brutes and Mantas are joining the fun.
New monster messages, now you see the kind of each incoming monster.
Better handling of simultaneous kill events.
Hammer Humiliation feature, hammer kills spawn low-grade creatures !
Exploding Nali Cows (don't ask) *Legless Krall and Nali also Explode.
Troubleshooting guide: what to do when monsters do not appear.
Monsters are tougher to kill
Monsters are allowed to spawn other monsters
Titan spawning is more reliable (try DM-Gothic !)

Known issues:
-Big monsters can't not spawn in narrow places. When this happens I try to spawn a smaller one, but sometimes there is just not enough space. BadNews works better in maps with big spaces like Deck16 or LavaGiant.


Copy BN4.u, and into UnrealTournament/system and badnews.txt into Unrealtournament/help.

To uninstall just remove the files.

Server use. You DO NOT need to put this in your serverpackages section of the ini. It runs server-side.

Getting Started
Start UT and begin a practice session or a multiplayer game.
Select Bad News from the mutator list, together with any other mutator that you want to use.
You will see monsters when :

- A player on a killing spree is killed
- A headshot is scored
- A player is hammered

Monsters are grouped in classes with similar power, the class of the spawned monster depends on:
- the killing spree status of the victim
- for headshots, the killing spree status of the killer
- hammerkills spawn flies, mantas, pupae, nali or nali cows

*Changed for version 4.
Fragging big monsters gives you extra points, (Only Warlords, Queens or Titans).
Other monster kills do not give you points by default.
Use the latest version of UTSPFix to enable that if you need it. (Recommend you use UTSPFix with this in any case....)

*Updated for version 4.
Cows, LeglessKrall and any Nali on the map will explode with a redeemer blast if you shoot them.
The player who shot the exploding pawn, will get points for any kills that result.

If you do not get monsters, you should make sure that:

1) You have the current version of Bad News

2) You have actually started BadNews from the mutator list

3) You are actually doing something that triggers monster, refer to the getting started section.

4) You are not running other mutators that may interfere with spawning.
BadNews DOES works with all mutators I tested with, but I didn't test ALL mutators.

5) Monsters are not disabled in your unrealtournament.ini.
the correct setup is:


7) The Unreal Engine will not spawn a monster in cramped places, or if there are obstructions, such as the victim falling on its weapon.
In these cases I usually can spawn a smaller monster, but sometimes there is just not enough space.

Monsters - *Changed a bit for version 4. Eliminated the weapon carrying skaarj. This causes Titans, Queens and warlords to spawn a bit earlier in your spree.



Skaarj Scout
Skaarj Warrior
Skaarj Assassin
Skaarj Lord
Skaarj Berserker

Krall Elite
Mercenary Elite


Exploding Nali Cow
Exploding Nali
Category: UT | Added by: MrLoathsome
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by: MrLoathsome on 17-Nov-2017

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MrLoathsome on 14-Dec-2015:
This is now depreciated.

Use the FrickinShark_RC4 instead.

MrLoathsome on 26-Oct-2015:
Note.  This will not work with U1.
I compiled it with Botpack as an edit package.  DERP!!!!

RC2, will work with U1 and UT.
It will most likely also fix the errors inherited from the Fly code that
occasionally cause the warnings in the log. (State TacticalMove.  Function PickDestination craps....)

MrLoathsome on 05-Oct-2015:
Check the Forum thread for a new example ini file.

MrLoathsome on 24-Sep-2015:
The default sightradius for the zombies is set at 8200, but if you use the SwarmSpawner
mutator instead of the mutator included in the Zombies5 package, I think you can
adjust that.  (Haven't testing adjusting that specific setting yet,....)

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Core on 13-Dec-2011:
Lol, HellZombies in EXU. The skaarj won't be happy angry


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