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ECoop Update
CoreDate: Sunday, 15-Nov-2009, 11:31 PM | Message # 1
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As you might have noticed, ECoop has been updated. Lots of bugs have been fixed, but as usual new bugs appear in their place.

This release was featured around Project Xenome mappack (40 maps), Unforches (2 maps) and a small jet.
ECoop now also supports codeconsole's (you will find lots of these in xenome).

The hud has had minor updates and the hudconfig menu has now a quick keybinds section on top. This is to allow players without oldskool to configure their keys.

ECoop now uses one single player class that acts as a placeholder for all the different models. All ut and oldskool models are supported. this playerclass can be disabled in the ecoop configs.

bugs found so far: (bugs prefixed with // have been fixed)

//legacy: when you die, you might crash every now and then (network loop on the keys)
//(Legacy is now working correctly except for this loop crash)
//In a maps with codeconsole you might need to die or reconnect first before the console works correctly.
//(you can detect this by the absence of a failure or clearence sound when the wrong/right password has been entered)
//CodeConsole will crash players using (the latest) D3D8 or D3D9 UT driver. (not tested with older versions)
//(Until fixed, use OpenGL or the built in Software Render instead -> see file downloads section for the latest OGL)

bugs concerning the new playerclass:

//when the jet was activated, you might crash upon mapswitch (garbage collection crash: playerwalking endstate)
//when jet deactivated and you have shield, both you and your weapons will be coverd by the shield with stronger shield effect (until shield empty).


will deal with these in the next update.

jet instruction:
forward/backward to speed up/down
weapons can be used
crouch to switch view/ behindview
jump or deactivate jet item to exit jet (5 seconds buffer before reactivation)


Forum » Enhanced Coop » ECoop Forum » ECoop Update (beta testing...)
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