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Project Xenome [ONP-]
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You are an ex marine about to start your first day as a miner on a far Distant binary world system. All is well as you are shown your quarters and local facilities. Later that night in the early hours there is catastrophic emergency and you are thrown around like a rag doll. It is twelve hours later and you regain your senses ....Your job is to find out what happened .... and why?



This mappack (40 maps), released 8 months ago, contains some disputable content of other mappacks and games like ONP, Xidia, Spatial Fear, Half Life,...

What appeared as ripping was probably a misunderstandment on the author's part with regard to the community rules concerning sharing/using community made content. To comply with the criticism, the author promised to remove all "borrowed" content in a newer version. Now 8 months later the author still didn't show up or gave a sign of activity. I decided to put the mappack on the servers "as is", while waiting for the new version to replace it.

For more information about this, see this thread:


The first out of three episodes of the new version (Episode 1: First Day) has been released:

Review ->

When starting Xenome from the portalmap, you will now be playing through this version first instead. The last map of this episode will then load the old version (until the other episodes have been released).

Forum » Map Packs, Mods & Mutators » Campaigns » Project Xenome [ONP-] (Available)
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