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These are the main ECoop servers, hosted by Mr.Loathsome. For more servers & details, check the "Game Servers & Live Chat" page from the Site Menu. For detailed statistics, click on the server IP, map name or username in the banner. Use the Tag Board to report problems, it doesn't require registration.
New Server IP's & statistics as of 6 feb 2013
Loathsomes ECoop / AKcoop2 Server:
Loathsomes ECoop / OldSkool Server:
--> unreal://
--> unreal://

  • What do you need to connect to the coop servers?
1. You'll need Unreal Tournament, patched to version 436. Older versions as low as 432 are supported, but not recommended.
2. If you have the oldskool Mod installed (and enabled through the Mod menu in UT's upper taskbar), you can find the servers in the "CO-OP" tab of your UT server browser. If not, find the servers in the "UT Servers" tab of your server browser menu (sort by name).
Ideally you would connect to a server, the server will send you any missing files through the redirect, your UT installation loads these files through the cache folder, and you join the server successfully.
Since the available mappacks use an enormous amount of custom content (~5GB), Multiple problems, although foreseen, could happen when connecting to the servers.
  • Possible issues that may occur:
1. Server requires a different version of a custom file you already have. This would typically generate a "version mismatch" message. To solve this, search & rename or move the mentioned file to a backup folder and reconnect.
2. A file version on the server is different from its compressed format on the redirect. Since the server is configured to send files from the redirect only, you will typically receive a "server refused to send..." message. Although this shouldn't happen, as we're using a private redirect, mention the filename in the tagboard (no reg. required) or forum (register, or as guest where allowed), and we will update the redirect with the correct version ASAP.
3. A file was loaded on the server with different casing then its original file name, by which it was compressed. This could be caused by various reasons. The most common reasons are  a teleporter loading the next map in different casing, admin switching to map using wrong casing, mappers loading, using or specifying files in their maps or map properties with wrong casing, etc.. . Since most webspaces are based on case sensitive unix operating systems (that includes our private redirect), this will also result in a "server refused to send..." message. Due to the fact that UT's built in http client doesn't support URL redirection, the only option is keeping multiple copies of the file on the redirect, each with its custom required spelling. Report the affected files, and we'll update the redirect ASAP.
We recommend using the latest OpenGL driver for UT were possible to avoid unnecessary render problems, as some maps use textures that aren't supported by D3D. If your video card doesn't support OpenGL, then use at least the latest D3D9 driver. Both can be found in the downloads section. The built-in software render can always be used as a last resort to connect to the servers without render problems, theoretically.
Other Coop Servers
Loathsomes EXU2 Batshit Insane Server:
KillerBee's ONP Server:
--> unreal://
--> unreal://
Views: 13861 | Added by: Core | Date: 24-Apr-2009 | Comments (4)

New Server IP's as of 6 feb 2013
Loathsomes MooCow Madness. TeamBot Server. Bots VS players+BadNews!:
Loathsomes MultiGame Madness ! Zark ! CherryBomb !:
--> unreal://
--> unreal://
Views: 1817 | Added by: Core | Date: 06-Feb-2013 | Comments (0)

No, this is not the European Conference on Object Oriented Programming.
This site is dedicated to Enhanced Coop, a private unreal Tournament Mod/Mutator running in combination with Oldskool and AKcoop2 on MR. Loathsome's servers.
Loathsomes ECoop / AKcoop2 Server:
--> unreal://
Loathsomes ECoop / OldSkool Server:
--> unreal://
Loathsomes EXU2 Batshit Insane Server:
--> unreal://
All servers are up and running. Click on the banners for more details.
Thanks for the visit, feel free to comment, shout in the Tag Board or sign up to post in the forums.
Views: 3127 | Added by: Core | Date: 07-Feb-2009 | Comments (1)

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MrLoathsome on 14-Dec-2015:
This is now depreciated.

Use the FrickinShark_RC4 instead.

MrLoathsome on 26-Oct-2015:
Note.  This will not work with U1.
I compiled it with Botpack as an edit package.  DERP!!!!

RC2, will work with U1 and UT.
It will most likely also fix the errors inherited from the Fly code that
occasionally cause the warnings in the log. (State TacticalMove.  Function PickDestination craps....)

MrLoathsome on 05-Oct-2015:
Check the Forum thread for a new example ini file.

MrLoathsome on 24-Sep-2015:
The default sightradius for the zombies is set at 8200, but if you use the SwarmSpawner
mutator instead of the mutator included in the Zombies5 package, I think you can
adjust that.  (Haven't testing adjusting that specific setting yet,....)

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Core on 13-Dec-2011:
Lol, HellZombies in EXU. The skaarj won't be happy angry


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Core on 31-Dec-2009:
IP and Port updated for the ECoop / AKcoop Server.
Server Stats have been reset.

Core on 31-Dec-2009:

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